A Market-Leading, Innovative,
Global Mobile Media Buy Agency

We strive to turn every business opportunity into true value by action

Our Vision

To be recognized as an industry leader in the advertising field for our ability to create the best-fit solutions for clients through advanced technology, as well as our passionate team with rich experience and creativity, to boost our client's profitability and achieve win-win cooperation.

We strive to provide satisfying high-quality mobile advertising solutions for our clients, high investment returns for our stakeholders, and a fast self-growing working environment for our employees

– Adswave team

Our Platform Aims To Improve Your
Campaigns Via Our Advanced Technology

With 24/7 Optimization Rule

You can trust us with your campaigns to bring more superior quality users, which guarantees the quantity and the quality of our traffic.

About Us

Founded in 2016, Adswave is a market-leading, Innovative, global mobile media buy agency in Hong Kong, providing performance-based and high-quality advertising solutions for hundreds of clients from all over the world with creative ideas and innovative technologies.

Our ad serving team is built of experts specializing in Facebook, Google, Banner, Video, Push notification, Pop-up, SMS, and Email advertising. We are committed to listening to our clients'needs and wants, and customize our solutions according to their request.

We Build Solutions
For Your Business Needs

With 24/7 Optimization Rule

that strives to improve the performance of your campaigns and works towards becoming every client's best partner.

Looking for


1Profitable In-House Offers

2Fast & Flexible Payment Terms

3Experienced in Affiliate Marketing

4Responsible Account manager

Traffic Sources

1Quality and Huge Traffic Volume

2User-Friendly Dashboard

3Quick Response Time

4Reach A Global Audience

18 Billion+

Campaign Impressions

60 Million+

Offer Conversions


Geos Targeted

Numbers Speak Louder

What We Do





Display/ Video


Push Notification


Pop-up Ads

SMS Marketing

Email Marketing

TikTok Marketing

Why Choose Adswave?

Huge & Quality traffic

We are a long-term partner with our traffic sources and we know them well. This allows our clients to reach a broad range of global users and most importantly, our traffic can bring conversions and results.

Precise Targeting

Accumulated billions of mobile advertising data which help our clients to target the right audience with ease.

Global distribution

Targeted over 180 countries, reach over 1 Billion real monthly users globally.

24/7 optimization

With 24/7 optimization rule, you can trust us with your campaigns to bring more superior quality users, which guarantees the quantity and the quality of our traffic.

Unique promotion method

To increase engagement and optimize user experience, landing page is tailored to the needs and wants of our clients.

Professional team

We believe a solid partnership is a key to success and that it must be built on trust, which leads to respect. We take pride in our ability to deliver results and works towards becoming every client's best partner.


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